Topical Healing Segment

There are various topical infections & injuries where appropriate medication helps to bring relief to the patient in conditions like burns, anorectal disorders etc. It is one of the most dynamic sciences. We have matched this dynamism with unique innovation by introducing Sucralfate in topical form.

Our brand (Sucralfate, Lignocaine and Metronidazole) offers a unique therapeutic approach for prompt & prolonged relief from the acute pain of anorectal disorders. Sucralfate 7%– the healing agent actively participates in wound healing, Lignocaine 4% - local anaesthetic with highest concentration relieves pain promptly, Metronidazole 1% - the world class anaerobicide rapidly eradicates anaerobes.

Introduced for the first time in India Mupirocin alongwith Sucralfate offers a remarkable treatment opportunity as topical anti-infective.

Product Name Dosage Form Composition
Sucral - ANO Cream Sucralfate7% w/w, Lignocaine 4% w/w, Metronidazole 1% w/w
Sucral MU Ointment Sucralfate 7% w/w, Mupirocin 2% w/w
Sucral Povi Ointment Sucralfate 7% w/w, Povidone Iodine 5% w/w
Sucral Cream Sucralfate 7% w/w